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Ms. Reyes


Jeanette Reyes Principal

Mrs. Reyes has been an educator for over 18 years, dedicating her teaching career to South LA. She is all about paying it forward– doing what her teachers once did for her. Mrs. Reyes pays it forward by cultivating a loving learning environment like her former teachers provided. She is there to remind our Ninth Street Rockets that “all [they] need is ganas,” as Jaime Escalante once said.


Mrs. Frentzos


Michele Frentzos Pence APEIS

Michele Frentzos-Pence has been an educator for LAUSD for more than 20 years. She says she will always be a teacher first and has taught grades K-5 which included special education and special education preschool. As an administrator, her mission is to ensure that ALL children should have the opportunity to engage in free public education. She enjoys traveling, spending time with family and loves animals, especially pugs!

Ms. Henriquez
Patricia Henriquez School Administrative Assistant 

Ms. Henriquez enjoys playing pool and is really good at it! She has been part of the LAUSD family for over 23 years and hopes to continue serving our community for many more.

Ms. Perez
Ms. Perez PALS 


Mrs. Brenda Muñoz
Mrs. Brenda Muñoz PALS 

Ms. Muñoz enjoys spending time with family and every chance she gets, she spends at Disneyland. She also enjoys hiking with friends and collecting Starbucks cups.

Ms. Guerrero
Ms. Guerrero UTK/CC 

Ms. Guerrero has been a teacher for many years.  She has taught all grades from ETK - 5th grade, including Dual Language.  However, Ms. Guerrero’s heart is the happiest teaching her “little ones” in Kinder, ETK, and TK at Ninth Street.  Ms. Guerrero loves it when her former students visit her and remember what she taught them, and the activities they did together.  Ms. Guerrero’s goal is to always provide a rigorous instructional program, while making school fun and a positive experience for all her students.   At home, Ms. Guerrero enjoys spending quality time with her family and pets.


Ms. Kemp
Ms. Kemp UTK/CC 

Zefora Kemp is an educator, who enjoys incorporating music and physical activity into her teaching. Growing up, she has always worked with children in different communities, as a coach, camp volunteer, tutor and pediatric therapy intern. Her experiences have developed her passion in fostering independence and creativity in her students.

Ms. Blake
Ms. Blake Kinder 

Ms. Blake has become more passionate and dedicated to teaching over the years. She has taught different grade levels but mostly TK and Kindergarten. She enjoys encouraging these young minds to be independent and creative.  When she is not working, she is usually spending time with her family, going for a walk, or traveling.

Ms. Muñoz
Ms. Jaqueline Muñoz Kinder 


Ms. Estrada
Ms. Estrada 1st Grade

Ms. Estrada has always enjoyed working with students. She has been an after school program volunteer, teacher assistant, and now a teacher.  Her goal/dream was always to be an elementary school teacher and now, she couldn't be any happier. Ms. Estrada enjoys traveling and spending time with her friends and family.

Ms. Barriga
Ms. Barriga 1st Grade 

Miss Barriga majored in Liberal Studies at CSUDH. She enjoys being outdoors. She loves to go to the beach, amusement parks, and camping. Something she loves is Starbucks. Miss Barriga has been working at 9th street for a little over a year. Miss Barriga loves to work with kids and loves to see the kids learning growth throughout the year.

Mr. Taylor
Mr. Taylor 2nd Grade 

Mr. Taylor has worked for LAUSD for over 20 years.

He enjoys doing many things in addition to teaching like working after school, summer school, L.A' Best, Beyond the Bell, and tutoring. His favorite and best subject has always been math.  Additionally, he has always had a strong passion for sports.  His favorites include basketball and baseball. He also has experience coaching teams. Away from work, he likes to go hiking, traveling, watching movies, spending time with family and friends, and going to amusement parts and Museums. 


Mrs. Lobo
Mrs. Lobo 2nd Grade 

Mrs. Lobo is a dedicated educator with over 20 years of experience working with K-5 students. She's inspired by her young learners and feels grateful that she gets to spend her days in the classroom teaching and watching her students grow. She loves coffee, reading and spending time outdoors with her family.

Ms. Kia 3rd Grade


Ms. Ochoa
Mrs. Ochoa 3rd Grade 

Mrs. Ochoa loves teaching elementary. She also loves traveling around the world. In addition, she enjoys road trips, nature, and hiking. She also has an awesome dog (Bruce-babyguy) that follows her around the house!

Ms. Rodriguez
Ms. Rodriguez 4th Grade 

Ms. Rodriguez wanted to be a teacher since she was a kid. Her favorite part of teaching is seeing her students learn and grow throughout the school year. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Her favorite place to be is the beach and her classroom.

Mrs. Santillan
Mrs. Santillan 4th Grade 


Mrs. Tate
Mrs. Tate 5th Grade

Mrs. Tate is passionate about her profession. Earning her STEAM and ELD micro-credentials has further strengthened her instruction. She tries her hand at inventing and has earned a patent with USPTO. Someday this invention will materialize. In the future, she wants to open an orphanage. Students are her mission in life- to be able to instill in each one a life-long love for learning.

Ms. Hernandez
Ms. Hernandez 5th Grade 

Miss Hernandez is a Ninth Street Elementary School teacher who graduated from Cal State Los Angeles. She has found a passion for teaching students and her biggest goal is to improve student academic performance and create a space where students feel safe and motivated to learn. She enjoys teaching 5th graders and preparing them for the future. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, and taking her pug to the park.

Ms. Medina
Ms. Natalie Medina 5th Grade

Natalie Medina has been working with LAUSD for 6 years. On her own time, she enjoys giving her friends sparkly manicures and going on road trips. One of her favorite places to visit is Solvang, California.

Mrs. Yankofsky
Mrs. Yankofsky RST 

Mrs. Yankofsky is grateful for the ability to listen and make a difference.  As a child she attended a number of schools including one in Peru.  She wishes all students get to experience having a loving and caring family as well.  She enjoys reading, baking, puppies and spending time at the beach.

Office Support & Staff
Ms. Jessica Gonzalez Office Technician

Miss Gonzalez loves to help people, especially our parents and students. On her free time she likes reading and writing poetry. She is also a huge anime, Hello Kitty, and manga enthusiast who can’t ever have enough banana ice cream.

Mrs. Velasquez


Maria Velasquez Parent Representative

Ms. Su


Edith Su SSS

Ms. Su enjoys working with her Ninth Street Elementary students. She supports our most vulnerable students and is happy to see them thrive and grow. She is welcoming and always willing to help her students and their family. Her free time consists of running, hiking, and traveling to different countries to taste their coffee.

Mrs. Fernandez
Mrs. Fernadez PSW 

Maricela Fernandez is passionate about supporting students and families in accessing the necessary tools and resources to support their overall wellbeing. On her free days, she loves to travel, hike and visit Disneyland with her family.

Ms. Sanchez
Ms. Stacy Sanchez Psychologist


Mr. Chirilla
Mr. Chirila Speech Language Pathologist 


Mr. Somoza
Mr. Somoza Cafeteria Manager

Geovanni Somoza is the Cafeteria Manager and one of the STEAM coordinators at Ninth Street Elementary. For the past two decades, he has dedicated himself to the Outreach and Public Science Education as an Astronomer. He works with Bill Nye the Science Guy at the Planetary Society, is President Emeritus of the Los Angeles Astronomical Society (L.A.A.S), a NASA Partner Eclipse Ambassador, telescope operator at Griffith Observatory, telescope operator and session director at Mount Wilson Observatory, and co-founder of "Safe Place for Space," an organization that hosts science events for persons with disabilities. Follow his adventures, @telescope_man on Instagram and TikTok!


Ms. Maria Larios
Ms. Maria Larios Cafeteria Staff 


Mrs. Maria Galvan
Mrs. Maria Galvan Cafeteria Staff


Mr. Villamil
Mr. Villamil Cafeteria Staff


Mr. Salazar
Mr. Salazar Cafeteria Staff







Mrs. Sanchez Cabari
Mrs. Karen Sanchez Librarian

Ms. Karen Sanchez loves encouraging our students to read and is happy when they are excited about getting a new book when they visit the school library. Outside of work she is a student herself pursuing a M.A. degree in Educational Foundations at Cal State LA because she believes in educational equity, especially for our students in South Central LA. She also likes to read books focused on the experiences of POC. For fun she likes going to the movie theatre and concerts.


Mr. Nuñez
Mr. Nuñez Plant Manager


Mrs. Torres Custodian


Mr. Aguirre Custodian


Teacher's Assistants, Campus and SpED
Ms. Zuloaga
Ms. Zuloaga Instructional Aide

Miss Zuloaga enjoys spending time with her family and pets. She enjoys listening to lots of music and watching movies. She is currently studying to become a Pre-K teacher. She loves working with staff and students here at Ninth Street Elementary.

Mr. Gonzalez
Mr. Gonzalez SpED Aide


Ms. Orozco
Ms. Orosco Teacher's Assistant


Ms. Romero SpED Aide


Mrs. Sanchez
Mrs. Carmen Sanchez SpED Aide

Ms. Sánchez is a Special Ed Assistant in the PALS program. She says she loves her job and teaching the kids through play. Her favorite things are laughing, dancing and being friendly.

Mrs. Limon
Mrs. Limon SpED Aide


Ms. Schneider
Ms. Schnieder SpED Aide


Ms. Marcelo
Ms. Marcelo SpED Aide


Miss De La Torre
Ms. De La Torre Supervision Aide


Miss Zavala
Ms. Zavala Supervision Aide


Mrs. Roche Supervision Aide

Mrs. Roche loves working with kids. As a Rocket mother herself, she wanted her kids to feel that Ninth Street is their second home. This is why she remains warm and  welcoming to every student, so that they feel that they are apart of the Ninth Street family.

Mrs. Maria Rufino
Ms. Maria Rufino Supervision Aide

Mrs. Rufino enjoys playing sports, her favorites are tennis and basketball. Her family is always the highlight of her day, and she loves to support the students and staff here at Ninth Street Elementary.

Mrs. Huerta
Mrs. Dominguez Supervision Aide


Mr. Roberts Campus Aide


Ms. Yesenia Medina Campus Aide