About Us

Students huddle in a circle with excitement as they throw around a \"Baby Yoda\" doll.
Located in Downtown Los Angeles in between the piñata and the fashion district, Ninth Street ES re-opened the campus in 2013. Fully equipped with an MPR, library, and two dance studios, and state-of-the-art technological equipment that supports 21st Century Skills. 
Ninth Street Elementary is a PALs (Preschool for all Learners) through fifth grade school. With an enrollment of 300 students, the school's ethnicity is 86.45% Latino, 8.41% Black, 0.9% Asian 0.93% White, 1.87%, other 2.34%. 
We work with parents and community members to create a culture of high expectations by meeting regularly. With all educational partners,  they discuss our instructional programs, progress of the school and individual students, as well as expectations of school staff and parents. We celebrate our school community’s diversity with culturally relevant literature, school spirit activities, visual arts and school-wide performing arts culminating performances.